Furniture medic : medical office furniture decoration design

Furniture medic : medical office furniture decoration design

We all know that patients are the most important people in the hospital. The medical office furniture decoration design is to attract more patients and win their trust.

However, the hospital ultimately serves the patient. To be renovated from the perspective of the patient, it can be understood as a decoration from the perspective of the patient. Therefore, in the design of medical office furniture decoration, the patient should be the core to create a warm, comfortable, relaxed and natural environment to eliminate or alleviate the patient’s bad mood.

 Furniture medic : medical office furniture decoration design

Furniture medic believe that: medical office furniture decoration design needs to pay attention to related matters, as follows:

Medical office furniture – the concept of infiltration of humanity

The overall layout design of the hospital, the functional areas are rationally distributed, effectively organize the flow of cars, people flow, logistics, minimize the time consumption of patients and their families, and also reduce their mental stress.

Secondly, make full use of the natural environment and related conditions of the location to create a therapeutic and restorative environment for patients, and work hard at the hardware facilities to make the patient feel warm in the hospital environment.

The purpose of modern hospital design is to meet the needs of medical work to the maximum extent, to establish a patient-centered and warm environment, to adapt the medical environment to medical functions, to develop space resources, and to reflect the humanization of hospitals.

Medical office furniture – creating a good acoustic environment

The quiet environment is very suitable for patients to get sick, only the environment is elegant and quiet will bring better mood to the patients, which is conducive to the control and cure of the disease. We all know that indoor noise has a significant adverse effect on people’s emotions, so controlling noise is a problem that needs to be considered in medical furniture decoration design.

Adjust the layout and medical flow lines to avoid crowds in the hospital’s atrium and main passages during peak hours, quickly divert the crowd, use sound-absorbing and sound-proof materials, use flexible materials appropriately, and equip and use the silent call system in the ward nurse station. In addition, indoor planting or with some green plants or flowers and other measures can effectively reduce noise.

 Furniture medic : medical office furniture decoration design

Medical office furniture – creating a comfortable light environment

Due to the different functions of use, the requirements of the various departments of the hospital for the light environment are not the same. The light environment centered on the patient’s life should be a calm, high-emotion, and convenient atmosphere; the light environment centered on the work of medical personnel should be an efficient, safe, and simple environment.

Medical office furniture decoration design needs to provide light environment according to the area. Take the ward as an example. The focus of medical staff is mainly on the bed area and equipment area. Therefore, in these two areas, the hospital needs to provide accurate and efficient lighting environment, and bed rest. Patients should reject monotony and anti-glare.

It should be noted that when introducing natural light in the hospital, it is necessary to avoid excessive light to have a negative impact on the treatment and rehabilitation of bedridden patients. Therefore, when planning the light environment of the ward, it must be considered to avoid direct sunlight exposure to bedridden patients.

Hospital office furniture – adapt to the needs of patients’ psychology

In recent years, the psychological needs of patients for medical treatment have changed a lot. The patient hopes to get a high level of diagnosis and treatment. He also hopes to shorten the time of medical treatment through reasonable medical layout and quick medical procedures, and the medical environment should be warm, comfortable and natural, so that he can feel spiritual and psychological comfort.

Therefore, when designing hospital medical furniture decoration, it is necessary to ensure the psychological needs of patients, provide high-quality services, and create a good diagnosis and treatment atmosphere.

Hospital medical furniture decoration design must clearly establish a patient-centered thinking, constantly improve the patient’s environmental technology, and meet the medical function requirements, while creating a comfortable, pleasant and natural medical and treatment environment, which can not only meet the psychological needs of patients It is also conducive to improving the image of the hospital and thus promoting the development of the hospital.

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