Furniture News: Opening a new chapter in the medical furniture industry

Furniture News: Opening a new chapter in the medical furniture industry

Spring breeze warms, ten miles of fragrance, furniture news: July 13-15, the 20th National Hospital Construction Conference, China International Hospital Construction, Equipment and Management Exhibition (referred to as: CHCC2019) in Chengdu, China – Century City New International The convention center was grandly held.

At that time, the Yimei Medical Special Forum – “The 20th National Hospital Construction Conference Medical Furniture and Environment Overall Solution Summit Forum” was successfully held on July 14 and successfully concluded!

Furniture News: Opening a new chapter in the medical furniture industry

Featured Events – Opening a new chapter in the medical furniture industry

At the CHCC2019 meeting, in order to promote the optimization and upgrading of hospital construction supply enterprises, and build an interactive bridge between hospitals and suppliers, the “Seventh China Hospital Construction Top Ten Suppliers Selection” was held as a special event, including Yimei Medical. The pioneer of domestic professional medical functional furniture development and medical environment overall solution design successfully won the honor of “The Seventh China Hospital Construction Top Ten Medical Furniture Supplier”.

The selection of the top ten suppliers of medical construction in China has encouraged more medical industry practitioners to showcase the new fashion and new look of medical people.

Module display – show the strength of the instrument

Yimei Medical has fully demonstrated Yimei Medical-themed modular unit furniture, which covers a wide range of medical and medical office furniture, and has a strong Chinese flavor. It is displayed in five modules: company image module, suitable old clinic module, suitable old district module, treatment room module and apartment module.

Visiting the Yimei Exhibition Hall, the China News Network, Sichuan Economic Daily, Chengdu Daily, Sichuan TV News Channel and many other authoritative media have conducted interviews.

The purpose of this exhibition is to explain the design concept and display the technical achievements. It not only takes the opportunity to brainstorm, but also allows enterprises and products to go further. At the same time, as an industry leader, it shows its unique “medical and medical combination” road and shows itself. Comprehensive strength!

Under the background of the successful convening of “CHCC2019”, the summit of the medical furniture and environment overall solution of the 20th National Hospital Construction Conference held by Yimei Medical College on the morning of the 14th was also in full swing.

Open a new chapter in the medical furniture industry! The forum was given a welcome speech by the Chairman of Guangzhou Yimei Medical Furniture Technology Co., Ltd. Mo Sulin and delivered a speech.

The forum gathered domestic industry experts and authoritative people to comprehensively analyze and discuss the space environment in view of the current “health-care combination project” model and the environmental space planning of the medical and nursing project. The characteristics and needs of work habits of various types of medical care, the treatment and maintenance needs of patients and the elderly, and the important role of furniture in improving the space environment of medical care projects.

Authoritative expert – guiding the development of medical furniture

Several authoritative experts gave speeches and carried out multi-directional expansion on the basis of medical care combined with medical office furniture. Through the sharing and discussion of actual cases, the overall solution for the space environment of medical support projects was put forward; User needs of the project;

Furniture News: Opening a new chapter in the medical furniture industry

It provides a strong theoretical support and basis for improving the space environment of medical projects and building a diversified medical project space; let many medical industries recognize the importance of combining medical care with furniture. The on-site participants also gave warm applause and said that the event was very fruitful.

The successful holding of this forum provides a broader platform and space for the growth and learning of the medical industry. It not only conducts in-depth discussions on the medical-integrated project model, but also reorganizes the “medical design” and environmental solutions. And analysis, allowing medical companies to discover new markets and inject new impetus into the sustainable development of the medical industry.

Although the National Hospital Construction Conference has successfully concluded the Summit Forum on Medical Furniture and Environmental Solutions, the footsteps of the exploration of medical furniture have not stopped. Yimei Medical will explore in practice, constantly sum up experience and opening a new chapter in the medical furniture industry. Leading the medical furniture industry to open up a new blue ocean and open a new era!

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