What is medical furniture? The four advantages of medical office furniture?

What is medical furniture? The four advantages of medical office furniture?

In the series “What is medical furniture”, we have begun to slowly understand some things about medical furniture.

Today, what is medical furniture? The four advantages of medical office furniture? From the outline of medical furniture to the particularity of medical furniture, sheet materials and so on.

Next, what else do you want to know about medical furniture? For the understanding of furniture, in addition to materials, as well as its appearance and color, after all, “appearance” is still important ~

What is medical furniture? The four advantages of medical office furniture?
Understanding the medical building is the foundation, in order to solve the functional and practical problems of furniture in design and material selection.

Special doctors and patients have their special needs and methods for furniture. For different medical processes, medical furniture has higher professional requirements.

What is medical furniture? The four advantages of medical office furniture?

Color is a catalyst for emotions. People are subjective in the visual aspect of color, especially the emotional color displayed by people in the space of medical treatment cabinets can always play a role in adjustment, so the rational color combination of space furniture is particularly important in the space design of the clinic.

Therefore, we also fully consider the color matching when designing, for example, there are two kinds of spatial color, one is the high saturation color warm color called “pre-grab color”;

Such as: yellow, orange, red, and the other is a low-saturation cold color called “back color”, such as: blue and green. Color matching often occurs in medical furniture design. Therefore, in the medical treatment of different departments in medical treatment, we will adopt the warm color tone to calm the patient’s emotions through the design of medical furniture color.

With the continuous improvement of medical technology, the medical space such as outpatient, emergency, and ward needs to be re-planned! Based on the system of “flexible and efficient management of various medical furniture facilities, creating a better therapeutic experience environment for medical staff, patients, and family members” Medical furniture undoubtedly brings a “forward-looking” force beyond the space itself.

“We have developed a strategic project to develop a highly innovative medical ward concept to create an optimal physiological and psychological environment for patients and healthcare professionals.”

Look at the problem from a different perspective

More specifically, at the beginning of the project, our focus was not only on “staying on the surface of manufacturing medical furniture products” but “creating a better medical experience for users”.

“Packaging change” is not easy to date furniture

Medical furniture developers conducted a two-year survey of the sample. The developer interacts face-to-face with hundreds of doctors, nurses, medical administrators, architects, and interior designers to understand the current problems in the health care environment and determine the most basic “demand” in the field!

Wall-based system medical furniture

According to data released by the US population (Census Bureau), the total number of residents over the age of 65 will double by 2050, and this group will account for 37.5% of the total number of doctors. Another noteworthy change is that medical devices are growing in size, variety and number.

For example, a ward may need to have a “video consultation” function, and experts in other countries answer “consultation” at the other end of the phone. These external factors pose a “challenge” to the medical space, and designers therefore need to reconsider medical furniture design.

Deep interpretation of the four unique designs

Medical modular systems Medical furniture can be freely combined according to actual needs. Because of the flexibility, medical furniture can be used in wards, delivery rooms, clinics, emergency rooms, intensive care areas, medical staff work areas, etc.

What is medical furniture? Four advantages of medical office furniture
The four advantages of medical office furniture are:


Flexibility is one of the vitality of medical furniture. Medical furniture is modular, which means that if new technologies are born or even the concept of health care changes, medical furniture can change. Its various components are easily assembled, moved, reorganized, and so on.

What is medical furniture? The four advantages of medical office furniture?

2,Prevention of infection

The surface is electrostatically sprayed, and the antibacterial powder has the characteristics of antibacterial, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and fire prevention. The edges are seamlessly joined by a bending process, which not only prevents the penetration and spread of germs, but also makes it difficult to accumulate dirt. Not only is it leakproof, but the surface is easy to clean and more durable. Equipped with a high-quality sensor faucet, it can be easily cleaned and prevented from being infected in one step without touching.

3,Heavy details

The design of medical office furniture fully reflects the ergonomics. For example, medical personnel do not have to work hard enough to bend high or bend down, and medical furniture design minimizes people’s bending and bending.

4,Clever use

It is necessary to place a nursing chair in the ward for the patient’s family to use. In order to save space, the designer thought of designing the accompanying chair as a folded form, and the stretching can be used as an accompanying bed, which not only saves space, but also increases the functionality of the accompanying chair.

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